3D Printers
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3D Printers

3D printers have evolved the way we build products and prototypes,

constant improvement and innovation requires companies to spend large amounts of money and time

in development, now with 3D printing technology companies can cut their losses

and improve their productive times, just make a design on a computer, export it as an .STL and it will be ready

to go.

In MakerMex we are constantly evolving, our highly capable personnel is always

researching and developing new technologies in 3D printing, at the same time we offer you a high variety of filaments like

ABS, PLA, Bendlay, T-Glase, Fluorescent, Laybrick, Laywood, TPE (Ninja Flex), and soft filaments.

If you already have your 3D printer then get close to our workshops and learn how to improve your 3D printing.

Or if you need parts for your 3D printer we have the ones you need, just come to our section "printer parts" and find what you are looking for.

3D Printing or better known as 3D additive manufacturing or quick prototyping is part of the digital revolution manufacturing, so what are you waiting to materialize your ideas !!